Dorrough 610 Processors

While this site is dedicated to the Dorrough 310, of late, having seen fewer 310s come in for repair, I’ve had the opportunity to play with several 610s. The two most recent I’ve seen were actually scheduled for disposal. Thankfully they have been fully restored and will be returned to the customer soon. Between the two, a lot of repairs were required:

  • Shorted tantalum capacitors
  • Updated several tantalums to electrolytics
  • Two dead LEDs in a meter
  • Two bad ribbon cables
  • Bad op amp
  • Two bad pots on the front panel
  • Bad RFI filter on IEC connector
  • Cleaned all switches
  • Flaky circuit board interconnects
  • Correlated schematics to circuit boards
  • Removed modifications

At this point, I have been able to restore every 610 to normal operation. The plastics on the front have deteriorated and gotten brittle. I’ve been able to stabilize most of the mounting studs, but some are still problematic.

If you have a 610 you want me to restore, send me an email. I may be able to help. These units are very different from every other piece of broadcast equipment I’ve repaired, but they are pieces of history. They command high prices on eBay, Reverb, and Worthpoint.

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  1. Hi my name is Eric
    I have a pair of 310’s that I am refurbing and need a card for the low frequency compression, if you have that item I would love to have it, please let me know what the price is if not I’m etching a one off to replace it, I would much rather have the original…thank you for your time

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