Spare Boards Needed

For some reason that escapes me, some DAP owners were able to convince themselves that the Expander boards were not needed in their units. Accordingly, there are many DAPs out there that are missing Expander boards. Owners of those boxes would like to put them back into original condition.

Now is the time to clean out your junk box and get rid of those boards (Expander and others) that are collecting dust in your shop. If you want to donate them to the cause, I’ll pass them along for free. If you want to sell any boards for DAPs, I’ll consider purchasing them at a reasonable cost and reselling them at the same price.

Please send me an email to let me know what you have. My email address is admin at

WP Admin


  1. Reasons a lot of stations removed the expansion boards. We’re on Mike’s advice. If they were not adjusted just so, they could have a squelch effect on the audio. Instead of the gentle expansion it was supposed to have it. The Teeter Totter balance between the compression and expansion cards to allow this to happen was very hard to achieve. There are methods for aligning the unit that do not require the expander cards in place. If you are going for a hundred percent Factory Regional yes to expand her cards would be correct. But again getting them to work right is difficult.

  2. Do you have PDF manuals available for download? I’m in the process of restoring one – complete with expander cards, but no manual. Can you help? Thanks!

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